Yaphé @ Home
in Colorado


    In July 2008 we left our home of 16 years in St. Kitts, West Indies and moved to Lyons Colorado, a small town 15 miles from Boulder and Longmont in the foothills of the Rockies. Lyons is a small town with a focus on music, culture and a few good restaurants. Lyons also has a very nice, modern, small High/Middle School and both the kids are making the most of a good US school. Miles has been in several sports but mostly he plays Soccer on a team in Boulder. Miles and Tory took up downhill skiing. Justine rides and takes care of her horse Appleton and three others and is on a fast pitch softball team. Wendy, already a road biker and runner, has really taken to Mountain Biking. With her Vet Practice in Longmont and sports she leaves the cooking to Tory.


These pictures are from our Colorado Life. Three views from our house, a sunset and an early morning after a snow. The cat is Little Nut. Justine is on her horse Appleton. Miles is on top of A. Basin at 14,000 ft. and he goes straight down.